Chefography for Chef Michael Perry

Chef Michael Perry

Welcome to Chef Michael Perry's website.

Chef Perry has been in the culinary industry for over 25 years. Some of the more notable chefs he's worked for and more importantly learned from include Wolfgang Puck, Laurent Champell and Chef Mcdang of Thailand.

Having lived in Texas for most of his life, Chef Perry loves the Texas cuisines; all things grilled, smoked meats, barbecue, Southern comfort, Tex-Mex, Mexican and Cajun.  In fact, his first restaurant was a Tex-Mex restaurant 'Amigos Tex-Mex cafe'. 

In 2015 Chef Perry left the restaurant industry after arm, neck and shoulder surgeries made it too difficult to stand for hours on end. Today he does one on one classes, pop up restaurant concepts in clients homes, rented kitchen spaces or as Michael says "Any where the client wants to eat". 

2011 was a game changing year. Chef Perry began corresponding with the late Andrew Breitbart on twitter. Breitbart convinced him that social media was the "New Media". Not being shy about his conservative-Christian beliefs, Chef Perry quickly took to twitter, Facebook and Instagram to "inform the masses".